Let’s be honest, we all love the sight of a lovely, green lawn, but not everyone wants to go through the pain of mowing, watering and everything else that producing a beautiful lawn requires.

And the good news is that you no longer have to go through all of that in order to enjoy a beautiful green garden, with Oakview here to provide you with a solution that’s sure to put a smile on your face!

With Oakview Artificial Grass, you can now relish the sight of a garden without having to worry about watering and digging.

With that being said, read on to learn a few more reasons why you should get in touch with us.

Beauty that is Long Lasting

For lovers of greenery, no-one wants to see a faded patch where grass once used to be. But with Oakview you have the best quality artificial grass Northampton and a garden that is evergreen and always there to welcome you and put a smile on your face.

Our artificial grass is hard wearing, with a 10-year warranty, and even a 5-year installation warranty.

A Safer and Cleaner Option

One of the many reasons why Oakview is one of the best of all the artificial grass companies that you can find is it’s pet friendly feature. Do you have a dog or a cat as part of your family? Worry not, your beloved pet will be able to thoroughly enjoy the garden. What’s more, our grass is child friendly too, so the young ones can play safely all year round.

Great news – muddy gardens will be a thing of you past! As a garden lover, we know all too well how this could be one of the main things on your mind as you type artificial lawn installers near me.

Better Payment Options

Want another reason why you should come to Oakview before other artificial grass companies? We know that if you are looking for artificial lawn installers near me on the internet, you are either getting work done on your new house or are getting your home revamped. Either way, we know that it’s not easy and hence here, and we try to help by offering easier, longer-term payment options, if required.