How to Clean Artificial Grass

One of the many benefits of artificial grass is low maintenance all year round. You will save bucket loads of time as you will not have to trim, mow, water or fertilise your artificial grass.

Although they don’t need to be cleaned often, you should do this at least once a year to ensure your grass stays in pristine condition. This article will offer you the best step by step guide on how to clean artificial grass.

Our Quick and Easy Guide

The best way to clean artificial grass is by following these simple steps:

  1. Sweep the grass
  2. Remove any leaves or debris on the grass
  3. Eliminate any weeds
  4. Scattering silica sand across your grass

Required Tools

  • Broom/plastic rake
  • Leaf blower
  • Weedkiller
  • Silica sand

Step 1: Sweep the Grass

You can use either a broom or a plastic rake to complete this step. It is recommended to begin in one corner and then work your way across to the other side. You can then proceed to work your way through in strips, just like you would if were you to mow it.

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Step 2: Removal of Leaves and/or Debris

Using a leaf blower is the most effective way to complete this step. It allows you to blow all the debris into one corner, so it can all be collected in one go. This is important to prevent weeds from growing within the turf.

Step 3: Eliminate Weeds

Weeds, the bane of every garden! Another vital aspect of cleaning artificial grass is removing any moss and weeds. You can use any water-based moss and weed killer to get rid of any unwanted weeds on your artificial grass. When all the weeds have died, ensure you removed them.

Step 4: Scatter Silica Sand Across the Grass

The final step of artificial grass cleaning is scattering silica sand over it and then brushing the sand in so its equally dispersed over the whole lawn. Make sure it is left for an hour or two before walking on it.


Quick Tips to Cleaning Artificial Grass

Suffered From a Pet Accident?

Get a bucket of lukewarm water and mix it with some washing up liquid, then rinse the affected place so the stain can be cleaned. After this, use a hose or something similar to remove the washing up liquid and any odours.

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Spilled Drink?

Mix some together water and washing up liquid, then use a sponge to scrub the stain out from the grass until it’s removed. Following this hose down the affected area, there is no washing up liquid remaining.

If in doubt and you’re not sure what to use to clean your artificial grass, a damp sponge with some warm water is usually enough to eliminate anything!

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