What is artificial grass?


Artificial grass is a quick, easy and convenient way to add greenery to your home. It is grass made of artificial synthetic material, which gives any area in your house a lush, green effect without the hassle, mess, and inconvenience of maintaining a patch of real grass. 


Benefits of artificial grass

Artificial grass is known to be inherently durable, with the ability to withstand heavy wear and tear. It has an average life expectancy of around 12 to 15 years. Hence you shall surely get value for money on your purchase. Artificial grass is the best way to avoid issues when keeping real grass, such as the need for constant fertilization, pesticide application, dialling watering, cleaning, and manuring, etc.


Further, it is a much more ecologically viable alternative. Artificial lawns will not face issues like pests and diseases and maintain uniformity throughout the years. Muds and puddles shall become a thing of the past- artificial grass is easier to clean and disinfect after bouts of rainfall. Since regular watering is not required, you shall save money on water charges, not benefit the environment with your eco-friendly choice. Real grass has to be kept at a certain height by using gas-powered lawnmowers, which are known causes of air pollution. Overall, artificial grass is a far better alternative to real grass in every possible way. You shall receive a more aesthetically pleasing lawn with almost no maintenance cost. It is pet-friendly and doesn’t change appearance if you need to be away for long periods. It is especially beneficial to senior citizens. 


Installing Artificial Grass

–    Choose the right grass: First and foremost, it is important to buy artificial grass from a reputable source to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Oakview Artificial Grass is committed to providing you with the most premium quality artificial grass available on the market. 

–   Before Installation: Ensure that you check your chosen area for any waterlogging. Ensure the area has adequate drainage facilities, and remove all weeds and plants that may hamper your garden. Check all your home’s access points, such as doors and opening, to ensure the turf will not end up blocking anything.

– Tools: Gathering the following tools will ensure a smooth installation process – An adequately sharpened knife, Knee and arm guards for protection and comfort, measuring tape, compaction roller, stiff broom, turf cutter, grass pins, aqua bond, nails to affix the grass, notched trail and anything else you may deem useful.

– Preparation: Make sure the surface is clean, smooth, and evenly levelled. Remove all-natural grass and subsoil up to 10 cm deep and solidify the topsoil with a compact roller. 

– Apply 75 mm of Type 1c or limestone of grade size 20 mm onto the topsoil surface. Cover with a layer of fine stone. 

– Roll out the artificial grass onto the prepared area and allow it to settle for a few hours before pinning it down securely. Trim the edges with your knife and secure the corners with pins and nails. 

– Post Installation: Brush the surface regularly with a still rake to remove debris and maintain the appearance. Avoid placing heavy and sharp furniture on this surface since it may bend the grass. 


Why Oakview?

Oakview artificial grass is famous for providing the best quality artificial grass in NorthamptonThe grass is beautifully realistic. The Oakview team has over 30 years of experience under their belt to provide you with the very best services in your artificial grass installation. Whether your needs are for your personal home, a workspace, or a large office beautification project, we have the knowledge, resources, and capabilities to provide you with the very best artificial grass in the Northampton area.

Our products are known to be hardy, with the ability to withstand heavy wear and tear; this is why the artificial grass you buy is accompanied by a 10 year warranty period. We have various product designs to choose from, with options ranging from lighter to darker colours, varying lengths, varied leaf designs, and even pet-friendly options. Contact us now for artificial grass that meets all your needs.