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We are professional installers for artificial grass across in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas!

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With over 30 years of combined experience, our friendly and efficient team are perfectly positioned to help you to get the best from your artificial grass requirements. Check out our range of products here, and when you are ready to see samples or to arrange a free artificial grass quotation, please feel free to contact us.

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Expert Installation

Our customer orientated and expert team will be on hand to provide you with the best installation service Oxfordshire has to offer. Rest assured your artificial grass will be installed expertly and last for years to come. In addition to expert installation, you will receive a 5-year installation warranty, meaning in the unlikely event something was to go wrong in this period, we would be able to assist you in any way.

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Low Maintenance

A prominent benefit of artificial grass is its extremely low maintenance compared with natural grass. In certain seasons such as summer, natural turf needs maintenance near every day. This is very time consuming as grass maintenance includes lengthy methods such as mowing, trimming, and watering of the lawn. However, switching to artificial grass will mean all extensive maintenance worries leave. Installing fake grass eliminates the need for mowing, reseeding, trimming, watering, and fertilising. You can easily remove debris and cleaning of the fake grass is quick and easy.

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Environmentally Friendly

Artificial grass is amazing for the environment. It eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and excessive amounts of water to be used. Fake grass does need significant amounts of watering like natural grass does. Meaning you will use far less water, creating better looking water bills. Additionally, there will be no extra emissions from lawnmowers. Artificial grass does not need to cut; therefore, your carbon footprint will be significantly reduced through not using a petrol lawn mower.


Kid and Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is quickly becoming the go to choose for parents and pet owners. It is wonderfully soft and therefore perfect for pets and kids alike. Artificial grass is extremely easy to clean, so your pet’s urine and faeces will no longer be an issue. This can damage natural lawns significantly, killing the pigment and roots. Moreover, even on rainy days, our artificial lawns can act as the perfect play area for kids and pets. You will no longer have to worry about those muddy paws and feet ruining your garden and home in Oxfordshire! The pets and kids can play freely in any weather without spoiling your home.

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Stunning All Year Round

Another key benefit of artificial grass is how it maintains their pristine look no matter what the season is. It looks even better than real grass due to no pigment damage or patches occurring. It will have the beautiful green look for years to come with next to no maintenance. Even if you have certain parts of your garden that are shaded, the vibrant colouring will still be prominent for your artificial lawn in Oxfordshire.



An artificial lawn is a long-lasting product. Its durability is second to none, meaning your artificial grass will last for years to come. Its excellent durability means it will last significantly longer than natural grass. This is due to various factors such as low maintenance, no uneven patches of grass and many other factors that are in favour for artificial lawns. You may save significant amounts of money doing this you will not need to replace your artificial grass for years.

Artificial Grass Prices Oxfordshire

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